Aaron Brown

Aaron Brown

Aaron Brown


Aaron Brown started teaching not long after the ink had dried on a diploma conferring to him a degree in forestry, not exactly the kind of background that prepares one for a lifetime in education. By some miracle, he made it out of the swamps of L.A. (Lower Alabama) alive to the EFL classrooms of Japan and China, where he ultimately found his true passion and life’s calling. He’s now looking forward to the next adventure-just hopefully on dry land.

Presentation Abstract:

From EFL to ESL: Chinese Students’ Perspectives on Group Work and Cooperative Learning

Time: 10:20 Room: Hum 283

Students from Confucian Heritage Cultures (CHC) have often learned English in a teacher-centered environment. A great deal of research exists on student attitudes regarding Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) in an East Asian context, but few studies have examined these students’ perceptions of cooperative learning in an ESL environment. This small-scale qualitative survey studies Chinese students at an American Intensive English Program (IEP) to better understand their views of the communicative nature of ESL classrooms and the challenges they face.

Presentation Handout

Powerpoint Slides

By Angela G

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