Aaron Sponseller

Aaron Sponseller

Aaron Sponseller


Aaron discovered his passion for teaching in Japan, where he taught for three years in public junior and senior high schools. Originally from the Great Northwest, Aaron moved to the Bay Area upon his return from Japan, and entered the M.A. TESOL program at San Francisco State University after teaching in several contexts in San Francisco and the East Bay. After graduation Aaron will return to Japan on a Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Technology (MEXT) research scholarship. He will investigate role perceptions of Japanese Teachers of English (JTEs) and the Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs) with whom they co-teach.

Presentation Abstract:

Are We on the Same Page?  Investigating Role Conflict in Team Teaching

In the Japanese EFL context, team teaching involves a Japanese teacher of English (JTE) teaching with an assistant language teacher (ALT) from a foreign country.  The process of team teaching consists of three phases: pre-instructional, instructional, and post-instructional.  A survey comprised of open and close-ended questions was administered in order to explore how JTEs and ALTs conceptualize their roles during these phases of the team teaching process.  Responses which indicate role confusion or potential areas of JTE/ALT conflict will be examined, and suggestions for improving practice will be made.

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