Angela Generoso

Angela Generoso

Angela Generoso


Angela has always been interested in exploring language and culture, and after earning her BA in Journalism from SF State, she decided to join the Peace Corps. It was during this time that she found herself teaching EFL in a small rural town a few hours north of the Afghan border in Turkmenistan, challenging herself on a daily basis and becoming deeply stimulated with how language works and how it should be taught. Upon returning back to the US she began the MATESOL program and started to develop a deep passion for linguistics, including sociolingustics, phonology and pragmatics and found her niche working with vocational ESL classes examining workplace communication skills. She is passionate about teaching and excited to implement her English teaching knowledge and skills wherever life takes her.

Presentation Abstract:

How May I Help You? Polite Telephone Skills for Workplace Communication

Time: 1:30 Room: Hum 113

Very few jobs today don’t involve the daily use of the telephone, and as globalization is increasing, English has become the main language for business contexts.  Regardless of students’ proficiency in English, speaking on the telephone is, overall, difficult. As language educators, how can we strive to help students achieve a higher level of telephone competency? This curriculum project details different methods of teaching politeness with telephone communication skills for vocational ESL students. The curriculum includes different topics used for workplace communication on the telephone as well as communicative activities for practice.



By Angela G

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