Ashley Peters

Ashley Peters

Ashley Peters


Ashley Peters has been enamored by linguistic and cultural exchange since she was a child, inspired by deep familial wanderlust. Several years after receiving her B.A. in English Literature at U.C. Berkeley, Ashley moved to South Korea to teach English as a Foreign Language for a year. This experience ultimately led her back to San Francisco and its multicultural heartbeat, to better understand and implement TESOL pedagogy. Ashley hopes to teach ESL composition to multilingual students after graduation.


Presentation Abstract:

Addressing Plagiarism by Developing ESL Writers’ Author Identities

Time: 10:55 Room: Hum 121

In academic ESL classes, students are expected to not only hone their skills in English composition, but also to develop habits of mind in accordance with American academic norms. Avoidance of plagiarism is one such expectation; however, understanding and adhering to this concept can be difficult for developing ESL student writers. This presentation seeks to address the American view of authorial individuality in a way that highlights the interaction between readers and writers, legitimizing students in these dual roles. The presenter will share methods created to teach the concept of plagiarism by empowering developing ESL writers through activities such as peer paraphrasing and critical discussion.

By Angela G

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