Cynthia Augsjoost

Cynthia Augsjoost

Cynthia Augsjoost


California native Cynthia Augsjoost has taught English to speakers of other languages throughout the SF Bay Area, in both community-based and higher education settings. Her path to the SF State M.A. TESOL program included undergraduate study at UC Berkeley, work with adolescent English language learners at a special education school in the East Bay, a TESL certificate at UC Berkeley Extension, and a bit of travel in Latin America. After these enriching experiences, Cindi realized that teaching ESOL to adults in California was her life’s work, and that she needed more education in TESOL theory and pedagogy to do so. Her areas of interest in the TESOL field include scaffolded writing activities, multiple learning modalities, and corpus linguistics. Cindi looks forward to teaching at a California community college or adult school after she earns her degree. She would like to wholeheartedly to thank all of her SFSU professors, as well as her parents− both California teachers− for imparting upon her the importance of a good teacher.

Presentation Abstract: 

Seeds to Trees: Using Low-Stakes Tasks to Cultivate High-Stakes Composition Skills

Time: 2:05 Room: Hum 121

How can journal writing contribute to academic writing success? Low-stakes writing tasks, such as journals, peer responses, and essay drafts, are seldom the focus of academic ESOL composition classes. Yet this kind of writing, when integrated into a scaffolded sequence of writing activities, can increase writing development and fluency as well as student confidence. This project will report on action research in an intermediate ESOL writing classroom at a Bay Area community college, explore qualitative research from students and teachers, and give suggestions on how teachers can employ low-stakes writing tasks to prepare their students for high stakes writing assignments.


By Angela G

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