Emily Zastrow

Emily Zastrow

Emily Zastrow


Emily’s interest in teaching ESL/EFL originates from her own experiences as a foreign language learner while studying in Cuenca, Ecuador as an exchange student in high school. Every day was a linguistic journey that led her onto a delightful path of new discoveries in the Spanish language. On this journey, it was the moments of elation and frustration that inspired her to help others in alleviating the daunting, yet gratifying, endeavor of learning another language. Since completing her BA in English and Spanish at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, she has had the pleasure to have taught English to refugees living in Omaha, multi-level adult immigrants in San Rafael, college students in San Francisco, and middle school children in Vietnam. She is filled with boundless energy to soon be fully immersed in her EFL career while sharing and exploring global cultures.


Presentation Abstract: 

ESL Students’ Spoken Stories: Creative Communication Outside The Classroom

Linguistically rich and engaging dialogue should not be limited to the classroom for English Language Learners. Technology provides a diverse and captivating resource for educators to explore authentic communicative opportunities that encourage students to collaborate and
exchange ideas through a multimedia platform. This presentation will demonstrate how digital stories are being effectively integrated into an ESL listening and speaking curriculum, inspiring students to produce creative and visually stimulating interactive work.

By Angela G

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