Jungmin Lee



Her curiosity about the English language and foreign cultures led Jungmin to pursue a career in English education. Embarking on her career as a secondary school teacher in Korea, she gradually realized that being a teacher is so special and rewarding. With an increasing passion for language learning and teaching, she enrolled in the M.A. TESOL program at San Francisco State University. After graduation, she plans to integrate her new knowledge and techniques into practice.

Presentation Abstract:

Implementation of a Vocabulary Card Strategy in ESL/EFL Classes

Time: 10:20 Room: Hum 121

Regardless how much class time teachers spend on vocabulary instruction, learners still need to know a myriad of words. It is thus important to teach learners vocabulary learning strategies and encourage the learners to become increasingly independent in their second language learning. One of the effective vocabulary learning strategies that has been advocated by a great number of teachers and researchers is the use of vocabulary cards. Based on vocabulary learning principles, the presenter will provide a vocabulary learning program that incorporates vocabulary cards in ESL/EFL classes and report on the implementation of a vocabulary card strategy in a multi-level adult ESL class.

By Angela G

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