Katherine (Corrie) McCluskey

Katherine (Corrie) McCluskey

Katherine (Corrie) McCluskey


Corrie came to TESOL later in life after working in social documentary photography. She felt drawn to teach English as a form of social activism and capacity building for adult learners; ESL became a calling, and literacies a focus. She has taught in community-based contexts in the Bay Area since 2009, including multilevel ESL at Canal Alliance in San Rafael, and with the Adult Literacy League of Sonoma County as tutor, tutor mentor and trainer, and board member. She plans to open a learning center for immigrant adults in her own community after graduation.

Presentation Abstract:

Teaching Adult Learners with Limited Schooling: Approaches that Work in the Multilevel ESL Classroom

Time: 2:40 Room: Hum 113

Adult learners in beginning level non-credit ESL classes who come with little previous formal education may struggle to learn English and improve their literacy skills. They often find textbook activities hard to follow, and need guidance in learning how to learn. Best practices for building confidence and learner capacity for this student population include LEA (Language Experience Approach), WPW (Whole-Part-Whole Approach), and activities that provide oral practice in deictic relationships using realia, gestures and visual cues. This presentation will provide examples of what has worked in a community-based multilevel ESL literacy class for adult learners with limited schooling.

By Angela G

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