Elissa K. Ouchida

Kiku Ouchida

Kiku Ouchida


Elissa K. Ouchida, more commonly known as Kiku, stumbled into the TESOL field after volunteering for an English conversation program during her undergraduate studies. She instantly fell in love with the passion and dedication of her students and fellow teachers in the field. After graduation, Kiku will pursue a career in public policy to provide support for the students and teachers she continues to admire.


Presentation Abstract:

“Where are you REALLY from?” – Can Immigrant Students Identify the Language of Discrimination? 

Time: 10:55 Room: Hum 122

The difference between being charged for a robbery or a hate crime can be as small as one word. In fact, an act of discrimination can be something as subtle as a change in intonation. If English Language Learners are not able to pick up the nuances in the language of discrimination, they cannot take the proper recourse actions. With a focus on discrimination against Asian and Pacific Islanders, this project investigates whether immigrant students can identify the language of discrimination.

Presentation Handout

By Angela G

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