Leah Wolkovitz

Leah Wolkovitz

Leah Wolkovitz


Leah embarked on her TESOL career in 2009, following many years as a project manager in Silicon Valley. She has always been interested in English and in how languages are put together. Her lifelong love of learning and teaching and interest in other cultures brought her to the MATESOL program at SFSU, where she is currently teaching oral communication and listening skills at the American Language Institute.

Presentation Abstract:

Challenging Myths: Enhancing the Vocabulary Component of an Oral Skills Class

Vocabulary is recognized by students and scholars alike as a critical element contributing to fluency in academic English. The instructor/presenter, using current research on most effective approaches, enhanced the vocabulary component of an intensive intermediate academic oral skills curriculum. The existing curriculum is already full; therefore one goal was to minimize the use of additional class time. She will share some of the myths about learning vocabulary that current research has debunked, the plan she developed to address vocabulary needs, a variety of activities, and lessons learned actually teaching the curriculum.

By Angela G

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