Mark Buchsieb

Mark Buchsieb

Mark Buchsieb


Mark’s career in teaching began as a teacher with Teach For America 11 years ago out of a belief in the transformative and equalizing power of education. Returning to graduate school to pursue his passion for literature, Mark taught university composition and earned his first masters degree in English from The Ohio State University. He gained his first overseas experience as a teacher trainer with the Peace Corps in Mauritania, followed by two years teaching academic English and literature as an English Language Fellow at Yüzüncü Yıl University in Turkey. His experiences abroad convinced Mark that he wanted to continue working with international English language learners, leading him to the M.A. TESOL program at San Francisco State to strengthen his expertise in second language acquisition and pedagogy. In the future, Mark hopes to work in the U.S. and overseas, sharing his love for art, language, food and travel with his students.


Presentation Abstract:

Survival redefined: Curriculum development for a Bay Area refugee resettlement agency

Time: 10:20 Room: Hum 122

Familiarity with students and experience implementing courses make teachers ideal curriculum developers, yet many hesitate to embark on such projects. This presentation provides an overview of the curriculum development process and reflections on the design of a 16-week “survival English” class for adult refugees at the International Rescue Committee in Oakland, California. By sharing experiences and tips and initiating discussion, this presentation seeks to inspire, encourage, and support other TESOL teachers to take a more active role in curriculum development and to embrace their unique position to create powerful curricular improvements for learners.


By Angela G

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