Minsun Ko

Minsun Ko

Minsun Ko


Minsun became a teacher after she met an amazing teacher in middle school who called her an ugly duckling which would turn into a beautiful swan in the future. After 4 years of teaching elementary and secondary school students in private institutes in Korea, she entered the M.A. TESOL program at San Francisco State University to improve herself as an English teacher. After graduation, Minsun wants to go back to Korea with her new knowledge and experience and continues her teaching career. She hopes to be an inspiring teacher like her old teacher.


Presentation Abstract:

“Edutainment” for Young Korean Learners Using Songs and Animated Film

Time: 1:30 Room: Hum 111

For the past few decades, communicative language teaching has been emphasized in Korea.  However, this goal is often forgotten because of the overshadowing demand for an exam driven English education system.  Private English institutes dominate this field in Korea, attracting younger students each year.  This project draws attention away from exam driven English education and places the focus back on communicative teaching materials for young learners who attend private institutes in Korea.

By Angela G

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