Nami Miyashita

Nami Miyashita

Nami Miyashita


Nami Miyashita has been interested in different cultures since she was a child. She was fascinated with leaning English as a tool of communicating with people in the world, which led her to become an English teacher. After teaching English in senior high schools in Japan, she entered the M.A.TESOL program at SFSU to become more effective language teacher and broaden her perspectives. After graduation, she will resume teaching English in Japan. She is looking forward to applying what she learned in this program to her classroom.


Presentation Abstract:

Bridging the Gap between Ideal and Reality in Japanese English Classrooms

Time: 9:35 Room: Hum 121

The Japanese government recognized the need to enhance students’ communicative competence, and has been promoting secondary school English teachers to use Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) for decades. Nevertheless, the grammar translation method is still dominant in Japanese high school classrooms. There seems to be a huge gap between ideal and reality in terms of implementation of CLT. The presenter will discuss various constraints which prevent teachers from implementing CLT in their classrooms. She will then provides practical suggestions to make English classes more communicative by outlining a unit of lesson plans suitable for the Japanese high school context.


By Angela G

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