Sanghee Park

Sanghee Park

Sanghee Park


After earning a B.A. in English education, Sanghee’s passion for teaching English began in 2008 with the experience of teaching middle school students in Korea. While teaching, Sanghee became intrigued and inspired by the practical components in the TESOL field and decided to hone her skills as an English teacher, which led her to SFSU’s M.A. TESOL program. Sanghee plans to continue teaching in Korea after graduation and hopes to make her language teaching experiences more fulfilling.


Presentation Abstract:

Forging Links between Personal Narratives and Expository Essays: In Academic ESL/EFL

Time: 1:30 Room: Hum 121

In academic ESL/EFL writing classes, many beginning writers experience hardships expressing themselves due to their unfamiliarity with the organizational structures of academic essays. Notwithstanding the importance of helping students learn to express their individual voice, the main goal in many academic writing courses lies in enlightening students about the expected rhetorical structures and moves within an essay. To address this language learning challenge, this presentation will introduce teaching strategies and materials that teachers can utilize to move from engaging beginning writers in personal narratives that use their own words and input to teaching the organizational structures of academic writing for constructing an expository essay.

By Angela G

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