Wani Choi

Wani Choi

Wani Choi



Wani’s love and passion for education led her to become an elementary school teacher in Korea. After greatly enjoying working with children for fourteen years, she came to the MA TESOL program with a government fellowship, expecting to gain more insights and inspiration for teaching English to children. Thanks to the dedicated professors,wonderful classmates, and all the experiences here, she can now leave this program more confident in teaching with brilliant ideas for educational policies. She thanks her amazing family, friends, and cats for their support!

Presentation Abstract:

A Collaborative Teacher Professional Development Program for Instructing Underachievers

Time: 9:35 Room: 283

Traditional expert-led one-time in-service programs often fail to involve teachers in change and development. This presentation introduces an overview of the curriculum development for a 12-hour teacher professional development program for instructing underachievers, which will be delivered at Kyoungin National University of Education in Korea in August 2013. The presenter will share an alternative professional development structure that allows for program participants to engage in reflective and collaborative learning that is directly relevant to the teachers’ existing teaching contexts, focusing on customized teaching strategies for each type of English underachiever.

By Angela G

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