Yanmei Chu

Yanmei Chu

Yanmei Chu


Inspired by her middle school English teacher, Yanmei started her teaching career at a public high school in China with a BA in English education. In 2009, she came to San Francisco with her family. After spending two years crafting home cooking skills, Yanmei decided to enroll in the MA TESOL program at SFSU to resume her journey of language teaching. She looks forward to inspiring more language learners after graduation.


Presentation Abstract:

Using Interactive Warm-Ups in a Test-Driven EFL Context

Time: 11:30 Room: Hum 122

The warm-up, also known as the lesson opening, is a phase of preparation, motivation, and rapport building. Researchers suggest that warm-ups in the language class should be interactive, involve the participation of the whole class, and provide learners with extra opportunities to use the target language for communication. This, however, can be challenging for many EFL teachers due to the class size and the pressure of standardized tests. This project investigates the implementation of warm-ups in test-oriented EFL classes at a Chinese middle school. The presenter will report the findings from the study and share interactive warm-up activities that fit this particular teaching context.

By Angela G

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