Yunhye Ahn

Yunhye Ahn

Yunhye Ahn


As people often find their unknown or neglected passion out of left field, Yunhye found her love for teaching English through an ESL program. While meeting with people from all over the world, she discovered the fundamental function of language: communication. Being fascinated by the experience of being able to interact with more people, exchange thoughts, and experience various cultures through English, she decided to share this joy with other second language learners. She especially understood those who were overwhelmed and eventually demotivated by the burden of studying another language. Pursuing her M.A. TESOL degree at San Francisco State University has made her a teacher who is not only equipped with up-to-date knowledge on ESL and EFL teaching, but also who is able to facilitate learners to become fluent and independent communicators. After graduation, she is planning to employ her knowledge and experience into ESL and EFL classes to promote communicative language learning.

Presentation Abstract:

The Missing Piece in Business English in Korea

Time: 2:05 Room: Hum 111

In response to globalization, the majority of Korean companies have begun to use standardized English exams to select promising candidates. While these tests are designed to measure one’s potential English ability in the business field, there certainly is a gap between what they measure and what is needed in today’s global workplace: intercultural communication. The presenter will share aspects of developing a business English curriculum, which focuses on intercultural communication. Specifically, the presentation will stress the importance of conducting a needs analysis for setting the course goals and objectives.

By Angela G

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